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  • Hydro-Pure Eliminator/ Complete Office System 3/4" W/solenoid

    Hydro-Pure Eliminator/ Complete Office System 3/4" W/solenoid

    Hydro-Pure Eliminator/ Complete Office System 3/4

    Product Details

    Hydro-Pure Eliminator

    Can be ordered in ¾” and 1” NPT, with or without solenoid shut-off  valve  

    3/4"NPT  WO/Solenoid P# 00056

    1"NPT  W/Solenoid P# 00058

    1"NPT  WO/Solenoid P# 00059

    Disinfects all water going to your office, the unit can be installed on new or existing plumbing. The Eliminator removes contaminants and, improves taste. The Eliminator uses proven Ultraviolet technology to assure that water is bacteria free.

    Ultraviolet is recognized as superior to other methods of disinfection, with no significant drawbacks.

    Ultraviolet is environmentally friendly and it’s impossible to over- treat water with ultraviolet.

    The Eliminator is easy to install with no special plumbing required and filter and lamp changing is easy to do.

    The Eliminator can be ordered with or with-out solenoid shut off valve.

    Green product with no plastic bottles in landfill.


    Feed Water Pressure                                                         20 – 70 psi

    Feed Water Temperature                                                  38 – 105 Degree Fahrenheit

    pH Range                                                                          < 1500 mg/L

    Total Dissolved Solids                                                      < 10mg/L

    Maximum Flow Rate                                                         8 -11 gpd

    Pipe Size                                                                           ¾” – 1” NPT

    Pre-Filter Service Life                                                        1 Year Max

    Cartridge Carbon Service Life                                           1 Year Max

    Ultraviolet Lamp Service Life                                            1 Year Max

    Power Requirements                                                          115 VAC

    Lamp Power Usage                                                            22 Watts        


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