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  • Hydro-Pure Water Wand

    Hydro-Pure Water Wand

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    Hydro-Pure water wand:

    You can fill the autoclave with ease with the Hydro-Pure Water Wand.  The Hydro-Pure Water Wand provides pure, distilled- quality water to your autoclaves with just a push of the lever. The Hydro-Pure Water Wand can reach up- to 8Ft with its strong 3/8” blue coiled tubing.

    The Water Wand can be ordered with the unit or can be added on later, with the quick connect fittings.

    (No tools needed)

    Vicki Apanavicius commented on 24-Apr-2019 10:03 AM
    We purchased this product and had it installed on 11/19/2018. The tip has broken off already. Can I get a replacement at no charge???
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